The GoCredit Proprietary Platform

Our Process is “HANDS ON”.

Watch our professionals do the work with you, it is a custom process tailored to your specific business needs.

Our step by step process is designed to build, maintain, and establish a compliant and business credit profile.

Step 1

  • Incorporate *if not already
  • Compliance items completed
  • Obtain a DUNS number
  • Complete Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) profile
  • Start professional Profile
  • Credit ready for vendor accounts

Step 2

  • Apply for vendor accounts
  • Add D&B and Experian trade lines
  • Obtain an high Paydex with D&B
  • Credit ready to apply for net 30 accounts

Step 3

  • Apply for net 30 accounts
  • Ad D&B and Experian trade lines
  • Obtain a Experian business score
  • Credit ready for revolving accounts

Step 4

  • Apply for Revolving credit accounts
  • Ad D&B and Experian credit accounts
  • Established trade lines and payment history reflecting credibility

Step 5

  • Apply for business credit cards and additional revolving accounts
  • Apply for an equipment lease depending on industry needs
  • Add Equifax trade lines
  • Ensure all net 30 and revolving credit accounts report as new trade lines

Step 6

  • You are now ready for leased equipment, automobile and truck leases, a line of credit and or a loan depending on the business’s needs.
  • All 3 major credit bureaus are built-out with a positive payment history in good standing

Congratulations, you are now Credit Ready!

Can your business benefit from these business accounts?